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We collaborate with architects, homeowners, builders, and interior designers to provide home automation solutions that create maximum comfort and convenience.


Your custom smart home technology expertly designed for the way you live,


We offer integrated home technology solutions that allow various systems to work together in harmony to maximize your comfort and peace of mind.


Our focus begins and ends with user experience in monitoring and controlling of their premises.


Smart lighting provides a world of bright new possibilities. Customize keypad with an "All Off" button that can shut off all the lights and even lock the doors and set the alarm.


Take your viewing experience to an extraordinary level. Replace all of those remotes with one that controls it all, even the home. Click here to view IMAX home.


One press of a button can activate your personalized "scene" – cuing up your favorite artist and raising the shades.


A smart home can monitor itself, leaving you with peace of mind – when there or away. Make your home "mockupied" when not occupied by alternating lights and TV sets.


Your home can respond intelligently to changing weather conditions. It can set the temperatures automatically based on the timing of sunrise and sunset.


It's your home, feel free to tell it what to do. However, it just might talk back. Get notified if a sensor detects a leak or when the children get home from school.


Why Flint Home Integrators?

Home automation and the integration of the available technologies serves to add value to a
property hence making it stand out from competition.

we are focused

We work with the client from the beginning to the end of the project.

we are supported

We work with the best home automation consultants in the world.

we have access

We have access to a wide range of products at a competitive price.

We work with the best, just for you.

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